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Restaurant Cleaning-  

We provide a long list of restaurant cleaning services. We will customize a cleaning program specifically for your restaurant. 

Benefits of hiring A to Z Cleaning Services for your restaurant:

  •  When you hire an employee, you will have to pay a number of expenses. You have to make required payments and contributions on behalf of your employees, including: your share of the employees' Social Security and Medicare taxes, which comes to 7.65% of employees' total compensation; state unemployment compensation insurance; and workers' compensation insurance. All together, these payments can easily increase your payroll costs by 20% to 30%--or more. 

  • You enjoy greater efficiency. We bring specialized expertise to the job, they can usually be productive immediately, which eliminates the time and cost of training

Restaurant Cleaning Services can actually help keep your kitchen staff concentrating on producing a better product. Managers of major restaurant chains lament the high turnover of kitchen staff. Think this through from your kitchen employee's point of view: If they were unhappy with their jobs, they could quit, go across the street and work for your competitor doing roughly the same thing for roughly the same salary expectations .... but if your restaurant outsourced the kitchen cleaning, they would be foolish to leave! If the money was the same, the hours were the same but working at your restaurant chain, someone else did all the unpopular tasks of working in a restaurant, why would they ever leave? 

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