A to Z Cleaning Services - Company Message

Do I need to provide any supplies?  

We come fully prepared when cleaning your home. We provide all cleaning supplies and equipment. 

What payments do you accept? 

We accept cash, check or Venmo payments. 

Why do you charge by the job and not by the hour? 

We want our employees to take their time when cleaning, because this is how they do a thorough job each time.  If we were to charge our clients by the hour, they would expect our employees to rush through the process in order to keep their costs down.  This would result in a conflict of expectations versus results.

Must I be home when you clean? 

This is your decision. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. Many of our clients will give us a key or leave us a key in a safe place each visit. 

How do you protect my keys? 

Your key is secured in a locked key safe. The key is issued to the Team Leader on the day of your clean and returns the key at the end of the day. If for some reason your key is lost, we are required by our insurance company to notify you immediately. 

What should I do if something is broken? 

 We are fully insured for any damage or breakage we are responsible for.

I have pet(s), do I need to secure them while your cleaning?

If you are not worried then we are not worried. We are animal friendly. 
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